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On Half Hiatus
United States
I am starting to think that this whole hiatus was a big mistake.

No matter how hard I try, my realism just hasn't gotten any better. I also said that I would try to research poetry for my franchise and for personal reasons and I haven't even done that. This new job has been taking up too much of my time.

On top of that, I have been sold a defective computer by Best Buy which shuts down when it overheats. When I discussed this with them they said it was not their responsibility, even though I had the recipt and a warranty they said once the computer has left the store it is my responsibility. They have also told me that they have known for some time some of the desktops and laptops they have been selling have had something wrong with them, but they haven't been able to get any funding to do inspections.

THEY KNEW they were selling defective products to their customers and CONTINUED TO DO IT!

If that weren't enough, my Wacom Bamboo has finally bit the big one, after 4 years of service, it has finally kicked the bucket, now I need $375 for a new one and $1000 for a new computer.

Also, I have to practice math some more now. I have found out that I can finally retake the Math Assessment Test at my college. I have failed my Math 27 class 3 times and I am no longer allowed to take any math classes in my district anymore. My parents who were ill forced me to take the Math 27 Class, I was under severe stress and failed the class 3 times, I told them I was stressed, they wouldn't listen to me. This was before I moved out. I could no longer take Math in this district.

But I found out that I was allowed to retake the assessment in 2014 in order to try to test higher and have all Math 27 Classes erased from my record if I place in to Math 34. That is why I am trying my best to study Math during work, even though it is not allowed, but that is the only time I can study it. I want more than anything to get into Math 34, I can only retake the Math Assessment Test ONCE every three years. So I really need to study for this in order to get out of this fucking anus asshole college and get into University. They have made it clear that my application will be AUTOMATICALLY DENIED if I do not pass Math 300, even though my major DOES NOT REQUIRE MATH.

When I asked why do I have to pass Advanced Calculus in order to get into a University for a major that does not require any math, they said "Because you have Asperger's Syndrome, you need Math on your record, if you had Mental Retardation or Down Syndrome, then we will automatically accept your application, but NO! You have Asperger's Syndrome, so you need advanced calculs for this campus or any other campus"

I have copyrighted my stories, I have spent $800 of my savings to copyright my franchise, I signed all the forms by myself, I moved out of my parents' house BY MYSELF, I passed my English Requirements by MYSELF, I became a English Tutor by my own right BY MYSELF, I pay my own bills, I sign my own checks, I have a driver's licence. Just because I have this disorder does not mean I am retarded! Why are these damn campuses putting such a big difference between Asperger Syndrome sufferers, Down Syndrome sufferers and people with Mental Retardation!?

I also found out that in order for me to get my Bachelor's Degree in my major, I MUST GO TO SAN FRANCISCO! Everybody I have met has been telling me to pack my things and go to San Francisco.

They say that the Universities and Colleges in San Francisco are very understanding toward people with Asperger's Syndrome, they don't require such ridiculous requirements like they do here in Sacramento. San Francisco also offers most of the classes for my East Asian Studies Major, that being it has one of the largest Asian populations in the United States.

HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO GO TO UNIVERSITY IN SAN FRANCISCO!? I make just only $1200, I get full payments from SSI and from my Jobs. But how the hell is someone like me supposed to go there!? With my income, I'll be dead in less than a week. Who would take a retard like me in? I am already passed the age limit for living in a dorm. Why the fuck does the most expensive place in the United States have the ONLY University that offers services to people with my disability and my major!? And who the fuck would take me in!?

Maybe this was all just a mistake. This entire Soul Searching Hiatus has been a mistake. I am so out of touch with my friends that I have made on this website. I doubt anyone reading this journal even remembers me. What have I been trying to achieve!?
  • Mood: Isolated

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